Ubisoft CEO Says That Watch Dogs 2 Will Have A “New Tone”


Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot offered some vague new information about Watch Dogs 2 during Ubisoft’s annual earnings call, quoting a “new tone” for the game. No expansion was made on this assertion, however, but Guillemot did talk about the developer’s other aspirations for their upcoming sequel.

Along with the apparent new tone, the CEO added that he expects Watch Dogs 2 to have the potential to be one of Ubisoft’s biggest selling games of all time, and also explained that there would be “innovative” new gameplay features in the sequel, but also did not expand, but wouldn’t expand any further.

While no release date is currently allocated to the game, Ubisoft have previously stated that it will release before the end of their current financial year. Given that it ends in March 2017, Watch Dogs 2 could be a lot closer than we may think.

With Ubisoft also confirming that they’ll be announcing “lots of dates” at their E3 conference, we’ll be keeping a close eye on anything Watch Dogs 2 related over the coming weeks.