Ubisoft Confirm That Far Cry: Primal Will Have No Multiplayer Function



Ubisoft have confirmed that the upcoming Far Cry: Primal will not share the same multiplayer functions as its predecessors. The developer confirmed the news through a comment in the Steam forums, in which their community manager Jason Paradise explained the decision.

In his comments, Paradise explained that the development team wanted to focus on the “core” experience of Far Cry: Primal‘s new setting, and put the decision to cut the series’ multiplayer elements down to the following:

Bringing the Stone Age to life and providing players with a strong gameplay experience based off of the Far Cry legacy meant we had to reinvent our core gameplay loop. This was definitely not a small undertaking. Our focus was on delivering this fantasy which required clear priorities for the team. Therefore, in the early stages of the project, we made the difficult choice of focusing our efforts on the single-player experience.

It had previously been confirmed that Far Cry: Primal would not offer the same map editing and sharing functions of earlier instalments, and since this was a multiplayer feature it’s now easy to see that these decisions were one and the same.

So, Far Cry fans, how do you feel about this news? Are you excited by the prospect of a more refined and focused single player experience, or will you be missing the multiplayer elements of the game?

Far Cry: Primal gets its console release on February 23rd, and will be available for PC players from March 3rd.

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