Ubisoft Details The Division’s Season Pass, $160 Collector’s Edition


After attending its third and – hopefully – final E3, The Division is gearing up for its hotly-anticipated release in March of next year. For Ubisoft, that means trumpeting the new-fangled brand in any way possible, which has now produced a season pass for the RPG along with a $160 Collector’s Edition.

The former of which will include a “full year of major expansions and exclusive benefits” after launch, and it’s understood that the season pass can be purchased as a standalone add-on or, on the other hand, as a part of the hot-off-the-presses Collector’s Edition. Priced at $160, The Division‘s premium package (pictured above) encompasses many of the odds and ends one would expect in a CE, including an art book, poster and even a replica ‘Real Agent’ watch.


Those who simply want to pre-order Ubisoft Massive’s upcoming title will be pleased to note that this will ensure instant access to the game’s beta, whereas Xbox One owners can look forward to an exclusive bout of testing in December.

Taking place within a post-pandemic New York City, The Division is an online-centric RPG wherein players battle one another for resources, territory and, ultimately, safety. On paper, Ubisoft’s new IP bears a lot of similarities to Bungie’s Destiny, only swapping out a space-faring adventure for a decimated Big Apple. In The Division, every day is quite literally Christmas, given that the in-game collapse occurred in and around the festive period. That explains the perpetual snowfall and decorations, but don’t expect a season of love and good will when the game finally makes its bow next year.

Tell us, what do you make of these bonus perks for Ubisoft’s title? It wouldn’t be a franchise hopeful without a Collector’s Edition and some form of season pass now, would it? The Division lands March 8, 2016.

Source: Uplay