Ubisoft Giving Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood “Extra Special” DLC For Free

The makers behind the enjoyable Assassin’s Creed franchise are once again surprising everyone by releasing another mini nugget of spanking free DLC, and it involves a map called “Venezia by Night”. Small but sweet in many ways. Ubisoft say they’re releasing this special map as a celebratory thank you to the Creed community for getting Brotherhood’s facebook page one million likes. It seems awfully nice to show an apparent closeness that is laughably absent from other publishers (*clears throat*), with that setting the free content up to a grand and generous total of 3?

Seems like all is going well for Ubisoft, the multiplayer component in AC: Brotherhood serving as their fresh and rich lifeline of fans, fatalistic fantasy, and pixelated and passionate murder. That’s alot of “f’s” and a lot of love. Ubisoft had this to say to all those fans:

“As we approach this major milestone for the Assassin’s Creed community, we want to make sure we do something extra special for reaching 1 million fans on our Facebook page. Here are a few of the things we have planned to celebrate our community and demonstrate our deepest thanks for all of your support over the years:

  • Community Unlock: Venezia by Night will be unlocked in multiplayer!
  • UbiWorkshop has created a new shirt to commemorate the event!
  • Watch our team’s THANK YOU video, featuring real life Assassin’s Creed developers!
  • UbiWorkshop will also be offering a 24-hour discount: 15% off and worldwide delivery!

If Crysis 2 hadn’t already borrowed my heart for unholy and robotic experimentation I might have shed a tear at this point. Hmmmm, hide and seek with knives anyone?

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