Ubisoft Hands Out Temporary Bans To Thousands Of For Honor Cheaters

Ubisoft is starting to come down hard on players using cheat engines as a means to farm experience while AFK in For Honor matches. In a statement issued to fans on Reddit (via Polygon), the game’s development team announced that, as of last week, an initial wave of cautions were distributed to offending players, with those not heeding the warnings having today been handed temporary bans. Around 1,500 players have been issued 3-day temporary account suspensions for the use of the exploit, which, according to the post, results from “using a cheat engine to exploit AFK farming.”

Around 4,000 additional offenders have been detected since the initial wave of bans, with warnings being sent out in due course.

For obvious reasons, the post doesn’t go into great detail in describing the methods players have been using to abuse the system, but pleading ignorance certainly isn’t going to cut it here – it doesn’t take a genius to know that the use of third-party software to gain an unfair advantage is almost universally against the code of conduct of any game developer.

Perhaps there’s something I simply don’t get when it comes to these sorts of things, but why would one bother to purchase a title that they have no intention of playing the way it was intended? It truly does boggle the mind that a certain portion of players would go to such lengths to progress in an online environment without actually enjoying the software they’ve paid for.

Ubisoft isn’t the only developer combating such issues, either. Just recently, Blizzard warned players against farming experience while AFK in its popular shooter Overwatch, with game director Jeff Kaplan bluntly stating that players indulging in or encouraging such activities could well face a permanent ban.

For those yet to give For Honor a go and actually, you know, want to play it, you can find our review here.