Ubisoft Implements New Anti-Cheating Measures in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege


Earlier this week, developer Ubisoft updated their terms and conditions for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, allowing them to permanently ban any user caught cheating, modding or hacking – even if it’s the user’s first offense.

In regards to the decision, Ubisoft made the following statement on the official Rainbow Six Siege website:

The presence of cheating in the game is something we take very seriously, and is a priority on the development team. This update is one step among many that we are working on to better engage with the community on this issue.”

Ubisoft admits that due to the nature of the gameplay, such as the possibility of headshots through walls or other environmental obstacles, differentiating between legitimate instances of cheating and unfounded suspicions of cheating can be challenging. However, they are in the process of “assessing and testing several client-side anti-cheat options” to be used in addition to their current anti-cheating engine, FairFight.

Users suspecting instances of in-game cheating are instructed to report their suspicions to Ubisoft Support, or via the in-game report button. For a detailed list of scenarios that may result in a permanent ban in Rainbow Six Siege, check out Ubisoft’s FAQ.