Ubisoft Already Offering Free Gear For The Division In North America


Accompanying the release of a series of live action trailers for the game, Ubisoft have already started offering in-game gear for Tom Clancy’s The Division. Those of you who’ll be playing the title in North American regions can get your hands on four in-game outfits, simply by heading to the official website.

The four outfits, which you can see images of in the shot below, are themed as Paramedic, Firefighter, Police and Hunter. Each one has a unique look and seems to come with a different weapon type and supply bag for your use in the game. To unlock these, head to the game’s site as suggested above and enter the code: AGENTORIGINS.

This code is a nod toward the new live action trailers appearing for The Division, which have been created by Ubisoft in partnership with a number of YouTube creators. CorridorDigital, devinsupertramp and RocketJump have each contributed their own trailer to the game’s continuous marketing campaign, with each one focusing on a different theme in the aftermath of The Division‘s catastrophic event.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is finally set for release in March this year, and worldwide Beta testing is due to begin before the end of January.


Source: IGN

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