Ubisoft Opens Up Registration For Rainbow Six Siege Beta


Much like all online-centric titles of late, Ubisoft is planning a closed beta for Rainbow Six Siege at some point this year, and has announced that players can register for their chance to partake in the bout of testing from today.

Granted, access is not guaranteed; over on the publisher’s official site, you’ll be asked to complete a survey, choose your platform of choice, and have your name thrown into the proverbial hat. But for those who want to reserve their spot in the upcoming beta for sure, Ubisoft has confirmed that players will get instant access should they pre-order the tactical shooter.

“Yes, you can now pre-order Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege to get access to the Closed Beta later on this year. Stay tuned for more information on the Closed Beta in the coming months.”

Rainbow Six Siege has already been the subject of internal testing at Ubisoft, with some footage making its way out from behind closed doors and onto the Internet this past weekend. This clip in question detailed some of the new weaponry that is under experimentation, not to mention a never-before-seen level that appeared to take place in an airport. Alas, whether this content makes it into the final build remains to be seen, as the studio has since taken down the footage.

Without doubt, this is to ensure the unforgiving eyes of Internet sleuths don’t begin lambasting gameplay that is surely not indicative of the final product. Instead, we’ll have to wait patiently until a more robust, polished version of Rainbow Six Siege goes live for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC later this year in beta form.