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Ubisoft Outlines Steep Season Pass, New Videos Tout A Giant World Of Winter Sports

Ready to hit the slopes? Two new videos for extreme winter sports game Steep have been released, as Ubisoft detailed the Season Pass.

Watch Dogs 2 isn’t the only title in Ubisoft’s portfolio to receive the spotlight today. Alongside news of the game’s Season Pass, the French publisher has rolled out a pair of new videos for Steep, the extreme sports title pegged for launch on December 2.

First up, in a bid to educate would-be skiers of the vast, dynamic world that awaits, Ubi has premiered a 101 overview trailer, with the second offering up a breakdown of the multiplayer and customization options. Game Director Arnaud Ragot is seen in the latter snippet (you can find that one below) and presents a rundown of Steep‘s core systems ahead of release.

However that may be, Ubisoft is already thinking further afield.

  • Winter Fest Pack introduces the winter sled and puts players’ skills to the test with its new array of challenges. It will also offers fun new exclusive costumes.
  • Extreme Pack adds three new exhilarating sports: rocket wings, base jumping and speed gliding. New exclusive costumes will also be part of the Extreme Pack.
  • Adrenaline Pack includes the Moonlight Pack, featuring 3 unique night-time challenges and equipment packs for players to show off their style while shining in the dark, along with new costumes, new outfits, new boards and wingsuits.

In closing, today’s blog post hints at some of the objectives that await in the upcoming Steep beta, which begins on November 10 for those who have already signed up. Don’t worry, a second, public beta will take place the following week.

“If Steep’s pre-made challenges aren’t enough, intrepid free-roamers who create a particularly cool line down the mountains can share it online. This challenges other players to beat your performance, and you can even specify which of the six play styles you want to challenge them in. You can also invite other players to compete against you directly, thanks to your ability to partner online with up to three friends or other random riders you meet while exploring.”

Steep launches for PS4, Xbox One and PC on December 2. If you’re hoping to hit the slopes prior to release, you’ll be pleased to hear that Ubisoft plans to host an open beta across the weekend of November 18.

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