Ubisoft Promises To Cull Cheating Before The Division Launches



After its extended closed beta ran last weekend, many people are suggesting that the early signs for Tom Clancy’s The Division are looking very good. While much of the feedback has been positive, however, there were a number of concerns raised by fans who took to the official forums to contact Ubisoft.

The biggest issue for the beta testers seemed to be how easily some players had already been able to exploit and hack the game to allow them to cheat in The Division‘s multiplayer spheres. This seemed to be a particularly large issue in the Dark Zone for many of the complaining testers.

Fortunately, it seems that these concerns have not fallen on deaf ears, and a Ubisoft community manager left the following response on the official forum:

Over the last few days, we have seen an unprecedented level of interest for the Closed Beta. We are looking into your feedback with care and we are thrilled by your passion and enthusiasm! We are aware of the cheating issues in the Closed Beta on PC. The team is fully committed to providing solutions against this and a system will be in place to ensure a fair experience for players when the game is released on March 8.

No further detail is given as to just how Ubisoft intends to cull the cheating when the game finally releases, but it does highlight the wide importance of holding test sessions like the closed beta; it’s a great chance for developers to attempt to tackle dishonest gamer behaviour, as well as dealing with any inherent issues in their product.

Tom Clancy’s The Division will be available from March 8th, although rumours continue to persist that another early look may be available in the form of an open beta from February 16-21. We’ll bring you more news as it comes to us.

Source: Ubisoft

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