Ubisoft Rolls Out Operation Black Ice DLC For Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass Owners


Though untimely leaks threatened to spoil its arrival, Ubisoft has formally released the first major expansion pack for Rainbow Six Siege across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Entitled Operation Black Ice, the content pack is the first of four planned add-ons for the tactical shooter, and it’s available to download now for Season Pass owners. For those who don’t open the premium bundle, Black Ice will release for all players on February 9.

Introducing two new Canadian operators in the form of Frost and Buck – one defender, one Attacker – Siege‘s maiden expansion also includes a new playable map, giving players the chance to duke it out on a crashed yacht. The official description from Ubisoft details exactly how those new players fit into the game’s roster, and the special abilities they herald.

Operation Black Ice also adds two new Operators from Canada’s Joint Task Force 2 counterterrorism unit, Frost and Buck. Frost, a Defender, comes equipped with a mechanical leg trap that’s undetectable by electronics scanners. Buck’s assault rifle carries a “Skeleton Key” underbarrel shotgun, letting this new Attacker quickly breach and switch to close-range combat. Season Pass holders get instant access to Frost and Buck with a seven-day period of exclusivity, while all players can unlock them with Renown or R6 Credits when that period is over on February 9.

Operation Black Ice is already available for Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass owners, whereas regular players will be tasked with unlocking Frost and Buck via Siege‘s in-game currency or R6 credits come February 9.

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