Ubisoft Teases Of New R.U.S.E DLC

Good old Twitter. Thanks to a tweet by publishing giant Ubisoft, fans are awaiting more details on a new instalment of DLC for RTS bad-boy R.U.S.E. The add-on pack is named “Chimera” and according to Ubi, will be released in a few days on all platforms. Dandy. Considering the last DLC was free (insert cheer) and since there is no sign of “Chimera” getting a price tag, this is brilliant news for players.

As soon as the details are officially released we’ll let you know exactly what to expect. And by the sound of things it won’t be long at all. This idea of “free extra content” is quite popular at the moment, with publishers keen to create a healthy and positive relationship with their fans by offering them freebies. But on a slightly more cynical note, is this sort of DLC, the kind that the developers didn’t manage to finish before the decided release date? And completed after the game hits stores, and then dressed up as something extra to show how nice they are?

Obviously I’ve no way of finding out…yet…but for now I can speculate all I want, and let everyone enjoy the gaming goodness, for free. If it’s genuine then that’s bloody fantastic. Note how AC: Brotherhood is getting chunks of free DLC too…Ubisoft are in my good books.