Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege Steals The Show With New Gameplay Trailer, Collector’s Edition Also Revealed


If Ubisoft caught wind of the alleged October release date that was doing the rounds late last week, it’s not showing it, as the French publisher has doubled down on the tactical action with Rainbow Six Siege with the release of an all-new gameplay trailer.

The white-knuckle clip comes hand in hand with news of the shooter’s collector’s edition. Currently available to pre-order through Ubisoft’s Uplay site in the UK, the premium package comes bundle with an exhaustive 120 page tactical guide, offering players a detailed rundown of Siege‘s ins and outs. For more on what the collector’s edition contains, you can head on down to the image below.

As for the fresh-off-the-presses gameplay clip, the footage gives players but a taste of the hostage action, whether you choose to be on the side of the defenders, or the team laying siege to the makeshift stronghold. Currently incubating in alpha, Rainbow Six Siege is due to graduate into beta phase soon, with Ubisoft directing players to the game’s official site to be in with a chance of partaking in the bout of testing. Or, if you’d prefer, the studio also noted that those who pre-order the shooter will get instant access when the beta rolls around.

Rainbow Six Siege is currently tethered with a nebulous 2015 release date, though we fully expect to learn more about the ins and outs of Ubisoft’s tactical actioner in the build-up to E3 and beyond.


  • A physical copy of the game
  • Collector’s box
  • An exclusive 120 page tactical guide – includes information on every Counter Terrorist Unit, operator, weapon, and map with the highest level of detail and statistics
  • Gold weapons skins – stand out within your team with this DLC package giving you access to gold skin for all in-game weapons!