UFC Will Be Bringing MMAi To Xbox One And Playstation Four Come Spring

UFC Xbox One


Having a UFC game done by EA Sports really is something to be excited about. Mixed martial arts is the fastest growing sport in the world, and EA Sports really is the premiere sports game company. EA Sports had a MMA game come out a few years ago that was fine in its own regards, but without having that UFC roster behind it, it fell short of expectations.

Today at E3, EA introduced MMAi, a brand new AI system that allows fighters to organically alter their strategy on the fly. This is a crucial part of mixed martial arts, and something that hasn’t been adequately handled in previous MMA games. This means that if you’re facing a fighter whose focus is on take downs and submissions, you’ll be able to adjust your strategy allowing you to focus on stuffing their attempts and keep the fight standing up.

The trailer doesn’t show anything exciting as there is no way in hell that’s real time footage, but I’m sure we’ll get more soon. Look for UFC to hit Xbox One and Playstation Four sometime in Spring of 2014.