UFC Sues Ubisoft Over Two Words

Dana White and the UFC has filed a lawsuit against Ubisoft over two words on the back cover of Fighters Uncaged, which released early November with the launch of the Kinect for Xbox 360 to terrible reviews.

The sentence in question is “Become the ULTIMATE FIGHTING weapon”, which was written on the back cover of the game. The complaint from the UFC and Zuffa LLC, the company that owns the UFC, is that the all-caps words on the back of a game about the culture of “illegal street fighting” harms the UFC brand and damages the work it has done in “moving away from the image of mixed martial arts as illegal street fighting, and taking it into the realm of a legitimate sport.

The suit was filed on Thursday and seeks money, an injunction to block the use of the UFC’s Ultimate Fighting trademark and blocking further distribution of Fighters Uncaged until the words are removed.