Uh Oh, Here Comes A New Wave Of Skylanders

If you’ve been hunting high and low, you may have noticed that Skylanders figures are slowly starting to become more available. This is evidenced by the “Cynder Effect.” Cynder is probably the hardest one to find, and she’s gone from $40 to $20 on eBay on average. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that you’ll soon be searching high and low for three more figures.

The new warriors are the blue, genie-esque Lightning Rod, the half-dragon half-phoenix Sunburn, and the whateverthehellheiswitharocketlauncher Zook. These guys can be found at retail “soon.” Which means if you happen to see any of these guys on the shelves of your local Target any time soon, you should probably get them.

Lightning Rod and Zook each come individually, and Sunburn is packaged with the final Adventure Pack, entitled Dragon’s Peak.

For those keeping score at home, the only ones that aren’t available yet are Ignitor (by himself at least, he’s available in the 3DS starter pack,) Wham Shell, Camo and Warnado. All others are available if you can actually find them.