New UK Games Publisher Founded In Studio Merge


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The Catalis Group, current owners of Kuju Entertainment and Testronic, have acquired another studio and intend to merge them with one of their own in the coming weeks. Curve Digital have been picked up by the German-based company, and their addition to the Catalis roster will see them merge with Kuju Entertainment.

The newly formed studio will be known as Curve Digital Entertainment, under Catalis, and looks set to build the foundation of a major British games publisher.

Catalis’ CEO Dominic Wheatley said the following of the acquisition:

Our acquisition of Curve Digital and merging them with Kuju means we have created the potential for a major new British games publisher, the first of its kind for many years. It’s also good news for the UK indie games community to have a professional publishing partner who can take their titles to the international market.

Curve Digital have previously worked on titles like The Swapper and The Swindle as well as completing their own titles like Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones. Look out for more from Curve Digital Entertainment when the doors open and the studio gets up and running.

Source: IGN

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