UK Release Date Confirmed For Motorstorm Apocalypse

After being temporarily delayed following the disasters in Japan, Motorstorm Apocalypse will be skidding onto shelves on March 31st. Evolution studios have been working hard on polishing this latest iteration in the Motorstorm franchise, promising some of the strongest 3D gaming the Playstation 3 can offer.

The demo has been live on PSN for just over a week and feedback on the whole seems optimistic. Players will be storming through a crumbling city divided by two rival factions, swerving in and out of rubble, and avoiding freak weather conditions. This time around players can trigger in game-mid race mini disasters, similar to the mechanic used in Split Second, to crush other racers or just slow them down. The usual array of spectacular jumps, fire crazy boosting, and ramming will naturally be making a noisy return.

As the game is experiencing different delays across the world, we can only announce the ones that Sony has confirmed so far. We’ll keep you updated.

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