Ultra Beasts And The Aether Foundation Introduced In New Pokemon Sun And Moon Trailer


Even more brand new features have been revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon by way of a new trailer released by Nintendo and Game Freak today.

We’ll get to all of the new mechanics in just a second, but first, we should probably go through the newly-minted Pokemon shown off in the video. First up is the weirdly-named quadruped Type: Null, which looks like it’s formed from several different Pokeparts, i.e. a Chimera.

Second is Jangmo-o, a Dragon-type with the abilities Bulletproof and Soundproof which will undoubtedly evolve into some gargantuan entity with wings and a nasty breath. You know, the usual deal as far as dragons are concerned. Following on from last week’s Nintendo Direct announcement, the trailer also reveals Alolan Raticate, which appears ready to burst from overeating rather than do battle.

The following segment then details how, rather than run concurrently with each other, Sun and Moon‘s stories actually take place 12 hours apart, with various events and Pokemon appearances varying depending on which game you’re playing.

Furthermore, the Aether Foundation, an organization supposedly established to protect Pokemon from the shady Team Skull, is introduced which, despite presented as the main protagonist force in Sun and Moon, have all the markings of a traditional villain as far as Pokemon games are concerned. Plot twist incoming? It’s very possible.

To conclude, new Ultra Forms were revealed, one of which is called UB-01 and appears to be a giant jellyfish. No further details on the feature were announced, but expect to hear more over the coming weeks.

Pokemon Sun and Moon release for Nintendo 3DS on November 18.

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