Ultra Street Fighter IV To Pummel Its Way Onto PS4 On May 26


Billed as the “ultimate version” of the mascot brawler, Capcom has confirmed today that it will release Ultra Street Fighter IV on PlayStation 4 digitally on May 26.

Running at 1080p and 60 FPS, it’s understood the re-release will support PS4 FightSticks; however, before you toss out any of your old controllers, USFIV has been tailored to support licensed PS4 FightSticks, too. That’s according to Gio Corsi, Sony’s director of third party productions, who took to PlayStation Blog to detail the control inputs when it comes to Capcom’s PS4 title.

“Ultra Street Fighter IV will support PS4 FightSticks, of course,” said Corsi. “But we’ve also included Lab Zero’s drivers so that USFIV will support licensed PS3 FightSticks as well.”

As such, so long as the Lab Zero driver recognizes your own particular joystick as a USB GamePad, it should be compatible – for example, MadCatz, one of the more popular brands among gaming peripherals, will be supported. Aside from technical support, Ultra Street Fighter IV will bundle together all of the game’s DLC released to date, including the Vacation and Wild costume packs. Not a bad package for ardent fans of the fighting series, then.

Ultra Street Fighter IV will pummel its way onto PlayStation 4 in time for May 26. The only question remains; will you be downloading the re-release in a few days’ time? Let us know below.