Umbrella Corps Will Feature Raccoon City And Police Station Maps


Resident Evil spinoff title Umbrella Corps will feature maps based on the ill-fated Raccoon City and Police Station locations from Resident Evil 2 and 3, Capcom has announced. Due to release on June 21 for PC and PlayStation 4, the team-based, third-person shooter puts you in the shoes of a mercenary in the aftermath of the events that unfold in Resident Evil 6.

The announcement on the publisher’s Capcom-Unity blog reads:

The U.S. government ordered the absolute sterilization (a.k.a. complete destruction via missiles) of the zombie-infested Raccoon City in 1998. Now fans can return to the iconic setting thanks to new maps revealed for Umbrella Corps. The competitive, online third-person shooter set in the Resident Evil universe allows players to take each other down in the chaotic city streets or battle in a dilapidated reimagining of the iconic RPD (Raccoon City Police Department) building. Fans can also look like iconic RE characters like Leon S. Kennedy or Chris Redfield with skins in the newly announced Upgrade Pack.

The Upgrade Pack that the blurb speaks of is a separate piece of add-on content that includes skins of various famous characters from past games including Leon S. Kennedy, Barry Burton, HUNK, Albert Wesker, Chris Redfield and more. The DLC can be purchased individually for $14.99 or as part of Umbrella Corps‘ Deluxe Edition for $39.99.

This year is shaping-up to be a big one for Capcom’s biggest franchise. With the Resident Evil 2 Remake looming on the horizon, as well as rumors that Resident Evil 7 will be announced at next month’s E3, there’s never been a better time to be a fan of killing the undead.