Unbox Is A Game About Chaotic, Self-Delivering Boxes


Have you ever wanted to cause mayhem and blow shit up as a cardboard box? Yes? Well, if so, Sold Out and Prospect Games have you covered with Unbox.

Touting “cardbox box chaos” Unbox is a game about self-delivering boxes with malicious intent. They roll, jump and drive through large, open environments, and get in trouble in the process. Hell, they can even team up with friends for four-player multiplayer carnage, via modes like box racing and box battling.

Solo gamers don’t need to fret, because we’ve been promised an “expansive” campaign featuring the world’s most dangerous boxes. In fact, the game’s site boasts of challenges, boss battles and more. It also features the quote, “Never has cardboard led such a fulfilling existence!”

Look for Unbox on Xbox One, PS4 and PC sometime this year.

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