Uncharted 3 Beta Details Surface

So finally we have the juicy details of what exactly we will be able to test out in Naughty Dog’s hugely anticipated online demo. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception will be the third instalment in the treasure hunting/gun slinging adventure and Sony are launching a public beta for the multiplayer modes (yes plural…get excited) on June 28th for everyone with a copy of Infamous 2 or Playstation Plus members. Remember though, this will extend to all of us when the Store is back up and we receive our ‘welcome back’ package from Sony.

Anyway onto the good stuff; the beta will include two multiplayer maps (Chateau and Airstrip) and both of them will support a whopping nine game modes, and feature dynamic events, sounds exciting. The modes cheekily include several variations on team deathmatch, alongside the usual array of objective based multiplayer button bashing. More interestingly is word that there are three currently unrevealed co-op modes to try out as well, so no doubt Sony will tease us for a while longer. Three modes entirely within the co-op sub genre is quite promising. Perhaps they consist of survival, mini- side story missions, and some mystery mode?

Anyone care to offer some ambitious speculation? Feel free, we’d love to hear it. Furthermore, four ‘power play’ events will be fully operational in the beta as well. Power play events are triggers that temporarily bend the rules at critical moments to help out the loosing team.

Considering just how damn good Uncharted games always are, and how impressive even the betas manage to be, I think it’s a safe bet to conclude that you don’t want to miss out. June 28th till July 13th, mark it in your calendar/brain.