Uncharted 3 Chateau Gameplay Video

Calm down, breathe deep. This is the first substantial unedited video clip of Uncharted 3 in action. For some annoying reason it was showcased on the Jimmy Fallon show and that man still gets on my nerves, but Drake is there, so I’ll endure for five minutes.

Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra from Naughty Dog (insert applause) are on the show, introducing the first glimpse of gameplay while Mr Fallon makes cheap jokes and generally gets in the way of everything. The footage speaks for itself, but I will draw your attention to several nuances: the combat is snappier and ‘more effective’, Drake’s body moves about in mind-blowingly subtle and realistic ways even when he is standing still, heart pumping action and set piece surprises are making a return in a big way.

It’s exciting to see a sample of what they’ve got so far, and we have to remember that this would have looked MUCH more crisp and rich if it was on your own TV, and that this is still nearly a year off till it’s due to release. Three words: I can’t wait.

What do you lot reckon from that? 10/10 or 11/10?