Uncharted 3: Our Wish List

Nathan Drake may just well be the most charming character ever to grace a console, and with several hundred thousand eyes hungrily stalking the master developers that are Naughty Dog, we thought it’d be a nice time to list our top ‘wants’ for the third game, Drake’s Deception.

As we’ve got an awful long while before the sandy coloured adventure finally swirls gloriously onto our PS3’s we can enjoy a little predicting and hoping.

Dual Wielding: I’ve said this many times before but I’ll say it again: it’d be uber-drool worthy if Drake could learn how to dual wield. Aside from making him look like Lara Croft’s BFF/man squeeze (which was suggested before), seeing Drake leaping around with two 95’s would be incredible. I’m not sure how many weapons I’d want to have available for dual wielding, but it’d be a real nice upgrade right?

Team Moves Online: Naughty Dog have already acknowledged that the hugely popular (even now) multiplayer will be making a significant and important return in the next game, and they let slip to OPM that they are aiming to be competing with the best, e.g. taking chunks out of the worryingly flavourless Call of Duty cake. So one thing I secretly suspect/hope they are going to be introducing is team actions like leg-ups and throws. Working exactly how it does offline in a lot of titles like Enslaved, Uncharted, Splinter Cell etc. The big difference being you could do it in the multiplayer arena to scramble up a ledge that’s just a bit too high, or getting someone to help you hurl yourself across a perilous gap. Team meleee takedowns would be pretty awesome to right? Considering what we’ve seen of the vamped up fisty-cuffs it could well be on the cards in tribute to a more ‘brawling’ fighting style.

Vehicles: Ok before you shoot my dream down, just let me explain that the only reason I feel I can even loosely suggest such bold additions like this is because of how fantastic the devs actually are. Relax. So just imagine if Drake got behind the wheel of a beaten up four-by-four and let you skid the thing around dusty roads and roaring down ancient ruins. Having a couple of buddies in the back picking people off with their AK47’s if you’re online? Perhaps it would change the feel of the series if they made it too crazy, like MotorStorm crazy, but a healthy and well thought out introduction to vehicles could really give the game a whole extra layer to work on. Personally if I was heading the design up I would keep it away from the more exotic and ridiculous vehicles but include some wheels nonetheless.

Zombie Mode: Ok….that was just a joke. Don’t do it Drake, you’re better than that.

Custom Map Maker: This feature seems to be making a return after a few years of decline and neglect. Developers and publishers are perhaps suddenly seeing the added value such a tool lends a game. Gamers love getting in the creative seat, it’s just one of those things that the vast majority of players find rewarding. Maybe the success of LittleBigPlanet 2 will motivate more teams to think about it, look at Infamous 2 for a prime example. The sequel is introducing a mission maker completely out of nowhere. A lot of folks would happily lose hours to crafting their fantasy map then challenging players from around the world to beat them on it.

That’s all I feel happy to suggest without risking excessive ridicule so what do you lot think? Any of these float your boat a little bit? Just one of them? None of them? Speak up and share your own wish list if you feel brave enough.

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