Uncharted 3 Plot Details Emerge

The latest edition of the Official Playstation Magazine delves into the details of Uncharted 3, revealing new story details, gameplay mechanics and more.  According to them, the story revolves around Lawrence Of Arabia and the Iram Of The Pillars, a lost city which is presumably vast in beautiful treasure. Drake and Sully find themselves in the Empty Quarter, battling wits with the game’s new villian Katherine Marlowe, who is part of a secret organization that can be traced back to Queen Elizabeth I. Other characters from the series are scheduled to return as well (Chloe hopefully). Even though the desert is the main venue, there will be plenty of levels in forests, buildings (chateau), and locations like London.

Gameplay additions include new vehicular sections, such as motorcycles, and a melee system that has Drake improvising by using the environment as weapons (smashing bottles on tables over enemies heads etc). New stealth moves and mechanics are also present.

Most importantly though, is that Naughty Dog has confirmed that the Uncharted series was never intended to be a trilogy. Nathan Drake’s adventures will continue after the third game, which is amazing news for fans. Be sure to grab the newest issue of OPM and read more about one of the most anticipated games of the year.

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