Uncharted 3 Release Date Slides Forward

News that a game is coming out earlier than previously announced is pretty strange and almost unheard of in our industry and the fact it’s Sony and Naughty Dog talking about Uncharted 3; it literally makes my inner child squeal with delight – and poke fun at other studios which constantly delay their titles.

Sony has confirmed that they’ve moved the UK release date of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception by two days to November 2nd. This narrows the gap between the regional releases and lines up a much tighter launch window. Whether the success of the beta has influenced this decision is something we’ll simply never know, but I think that us Brits can all agree that it is good news regardless.

The PS3 exclusive is one of the most anticipated action adventure third person shooters of 2011, and Playstation 3 owners all over the world have been plugging away enthusiastically at the multiplayer beta for over a week now.

It feel like our less than secret love affair with Drake is just a little less painful now that he’s two days closer to us…*clears throat*.

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