New Uncharted 3 Villian Revealed

2011’s biggest game for the Playstation 3 dropped some more footage and information during GDC today. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception was shown and the primary antagonist of the game was on display in a cutscene displaying the villain in all her female glory. Katherine Marlowe is Drake’s nemesis this time around and despite her aged exterior, she is quite the formidable opponent.

The cutscene begins with Drake and his favorite partner and drinking buddy, Sully, being roughed up by Marlowe’s henchmen. It’s interesting to note that our two heroes are dressed in suits which is a first time for the series and creates an interesting idea for a level similar to that of a James Bond movie. Anyway, once Sully and Drake are restrained Marlowe herself shows up with a nice sinister entrance. Drake displays his famous comic banter when he compares Marlowe and her umbrella to the Wicked Witch from Oz, classic stuff. Marlowe degrades Sully (who she apparently has a history with) and menaces Drake with a hidden knife about the ring around his neck, stating that it belongs to her. The cutscene than abruptly ends, teasing us to see more.

Another clip was shown at GDC, this time with gameplay footage, but it was just a sequence leading up to the burning chateau set piece that was already seen a while back. It was however, all displayed in 3D, which looks fantastic especially when Naughty Dog’s blockbuster franchise is stunning already. One thing is for sure after seeing this new footage, this is definitely going to be an amazing game, no doubt about it. The cutscene proves that the series trademark well-written dialogue and storytelling is still intact, and with a strong new female villain spicing things up, Uncharted 3 could be the best yet. Naughty Dog is always reliable when it comes to crafting despicable bad guys and the British (and apparently wealthy) Marlowe seems to know a lot about Drake and what makes him tick. Plus she has really tough goons. Check out the scene below and marvel at the graphics.

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