Hundreds Of Unearthed Atari Cartridges Will Be Auctioned Off


Are you in the mood for some gaming nostalgia? Do you yearn to rekindle those days of yore when video games were in their infancy and the industry was still teething? Well, you may be in luck, as reports show that some 800 cartridges from the archaic Atari console will be auctioned off within the next couple of weeks.

In April of this year, Microsoft and Fuel – a media company – managed to unearth some 1,300 buried Atari game cartridges from a landfill in New Mexico. The council for Alamogordo City – where the cartridges were found – will be auctioning 800 of them off, while the rest will be kept by the city, some of which will be put into museums across the globe.

Sites such as eBay and Alamogordo’s council website are likely to be the places to purchase the cartridges from, and currently, they are being stored at the New Mexico Museum of Space History, before they go to auction.

In an interview with Reuters, dig site supervisor Joe Lewandowski revealed his excitement at excavating the Atari memorabilia, stating that:

It was like the beginning, end, and a new beginning for the video game industry when we found these games.

Tell us, do you have any interest in picking up these Atari titles once they’re put up for auction? Sound off below!