A Unique Mix Of New NeverDead Artwork And Screenshots

We’re not far away from January 31, which just so happens to be the day that Konami will launch NeverDead. Showcasing an immortal hero with the ability to regenerate his limbs, the third-person action game mixes some lighthearted humor in with its gruesome content.

In order to pique our interest even more, the company’s press team has released a new collection of screenshots and artwork from the upcoming game. The featured images showcase some of the characters which players will come across as they shoot and slice their way through NeverDead‘s campaign. Plus, there are some glimpses of its main character (Bryce), battling against hideous demons.

Having had the chance to play snippets of this combat filled title on three separate occasions, I must say that I’m looking forward to the end of the month. The lengthy demo I played in August and October was quite interesting, and the one hour preview build trial that I checked out last week was pretty impressive.

Hopefully a good amount of gamers will check it out because this feels like one of those games that will be enjoyed by those who give its quirky content a chance. It’s campy, action-packed and reminiscent of both Resident Evil and Devil May Cry.