Unique Puzzle Game, Kill The Bad Guy, Gets Official Kickstarter Run


Exkee, the independent studio behind the upcoming puzzle game Kill The Bad Guyhas announced that they will be taking to Kickstarter to push the game forward in development after its widely successful presence on Steam Greenlight

Currently, visiting the newly established Kickstarter page will allow you to download a 10 level demo, which consists of mostly tutorial levels but should also give you a firm grasp on what to expect from the unique puzzle game. Kill The Bad Guy‘s distinct black and white visual aesthetic, mature content and unique approach to the puzzle genre has made it a favorite among gamers looking to support the growing niche of successful indie developers.

In Kill The Bad Guyplayers take on the role of a shadow vigilante tasked with wiping out the world’s worst drug dealers, war criminals, mafioso and just downright evildoers.

Sound interesting? Well, be sure to head over and show your support by backing the project before the game’s final pledge date on April 4, 2014. Then, once you’ve downloaded the demo and executed your fair share of bad guys, be sure to leave us your most twisted methods of criminal execution in the comments below