How To Unlock And Earn Godzilla Card Styles In Magic: The Gathering Arena

Magic: The Gathering

19 Godzilla card styles are coming to Magic: The Gathering Arena as part of the Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths expansion and you’ll have several different ways to go about acquiring them.

According to Wizards of the Coast, all 19 of them can either be earned or purchased, including the “Japanese only styles,” which are available “with tabletop booster pack purchases.” For full details on how to get your hands on these, you can see below:

  • Purchasing the pre-order Vivien Pack Bundle: 10 Godzilla Series Monster card styles (Available until April 16)
  • Purchasing pack bundles (Available until May 21)
    • 6 Packs: 1 Godzilla Series Monsters card style
    • 15 Packs: 3 Godzilla Series Monsters card styles
    • 45-Packs: 9 Godzilla Series Monsters card styles
    • 90-Packs: 18 Godzilla Series Monsters card styles
  • Playing in Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Limited events gets you 1 bonus Godzilla Series Monster card style

So, those are the three ways of going about snagging these cards and, of course, they’ll be obtained at random and will also be duplicate protected. When it comes to the Buy-a-Box card Godzilla, King of Monsters however, things will work a bit differently. Explaining how to get your hands on it over on the official MTG forums, here’s what Wizards of the Coast had to say:

  • Players who purchase the 45 or 90-pack booster bundles (MTG Arena’s equivalent of a booster box) will receive a copy as a “Buy-a-Box” promotion (one for 45-packs, two for 90-packs).
  • As with all “Buy-a-Box” cards in MTG Arena, you’ll also be able to craft Godzilla, King of Monsters using Wildcards (Hint: You’ll need to search for Zilortha, Strength Incarnate because that’s technically the actual name of the card.)

Got all that? We sure hope so, because Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths is right around the corner now, with the expansion set to make its way to Magic: The Gathering Arena on April 16th, which doesn’t leave you with much time to prepare for it. And with Wizards of the Coast set to reveal more about the hugely anticipated release over the coming days, you can expect a few more pleasant surprises to emerge in the not too distant future. Watch this space.