Here’s How To Unlock The Kraken, Evolve’s Second Playable Monster


Turtle Rock Studios bore the brunt of some controversy after it revealed Evolve‘s appropriately monstrous, yet convoluted DLC plans some time ago; plans riddled with timed-exclusive content and skewed day-one exclusives. Case in point: the shooter’s second playable monster, the Kraken, was only available out of the box for those who pre-ordered the game prior to release.

But for those of you who opted against putting your hard-earned cash down ahead of time, fear not, for YouTube user Arekkz Gaming has pulled together a concise tutorial that details exactly how to release the airborne, lightning-spewing creature normally. Essentially, players will only be able to gain access to the marauding beast after levelling up all of the Goliath’s abilities.

This all boils down to one simple fact, budding human hunters will be required to play as the monster for an extensive period of time in order to use all of the available abilities in the skill trees in order to max them out and achieve three stars.

This means of approach will also be required for those eager to go one more than the Kraken in order to unlock the demon-like Wraith. Undoubtedly, Turtle Rock has established this framework so that users can experience all of the monster’s hidden talents, moulding and readjusting their strategy as they progress.

Evolve launched yesterday across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms. Stay tuned to We Got This Covered over the coming days as we’ll have our own verdict on Turtle Rock’s asymmetric shooter for you to enjoy.

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