Every Unlockable Bonus Costume In Marvel’s Avengers’ Beta

Marvel's Avengers

PlayStation 4 owners who have been staring at their calendars over the last week or so in anticipation of the Marvel’s Avengers beta need fret no longer. Crystal Dynamics’ superpowered action-adventure is now available on Sony’s console, and while you’ll need to have pre-ordered to gain entry in this initial wave, open access won’t be far behind on August 13th. This, it’s worth noting, is also the date in which Xbox and PC fans can join in on the fun, with universal acceptance for everyone, regardless of pre-purchase, coming into effect August 21st.

Back in the here and now, though, and it looks as if, so far, at least, the trial period is coming along swimmingly. Four characters – Black Widow, Hulk, Iron Man and Ms. Marvel – are available to try out over the next few weeks or so, with a wealth of content, including campaign missions and War Zones, open for business. In addition to that, there’s a host of cosmetic items to unlock which, thanks to the folks over at ComicBook.com, you can check out in their entirety below.

Many of these we’ve already seen in previous War Table live streams and various previews, of course, though there are a few new wardrobe additions worth mentioning. Iron Man’s Starboost and Mark II armor variants, in particular, stand out, as too, does Black Widow’s Civil War getup, which trades her usual preference for jumpsuits for more casual wear. While drastically different aesthetically, Crystal Dynamics has been keen to stress that each hero’s visual appearance is unrelated to the game’s various RPG features. Loot drops will alter the strength of abilities and how they behave; nothing visual.

Marvel’s Avengers is out September 4th for PC, Stadia, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the latter version of which will have exclusive access to Spider-Man when he releases next year. See here for more details.