Unravel Wants You To Make Your Own Yarny Ahead Of Release


He’s the protagonist of the upcoming platformer from Coldwood Studios, and now the developers of Unravel want to teach you to make your very own Yarny ahead of release. In a new tutorial feature, creator Martin Sahlin is on hand to talk you through how he first designed the lovable little guy who’ll star in the game in February.

The video includes instruction on how to build a Yarny of your own from wire, paper clips and – of course – a bundle of yarn. Sahlin himself makes one from scratch during the video as he talks through the process, but you can also find written instructions for building the charming chap at the Unravel‘s official site.

Sahlin and his team are clearly really fond of their adorable protagonist, and from what we’ve seen of the game it’s pretty easy to see why. They want to see all of your own Yarny creations, and are encouraging fans to share them via the official Twitter and Instagram pages, where an interactive map will be put together to show the love that Yarny has spread across the world.

Unravel is set for release on February 9th and will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: EA UK

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