[UPDATED] Unreleased Destiny Cinematic Featuring The Vex Surfaces Online

UPDATE: Embedded footage of the cinematic has been removed from this story at the request of Prologue Films.

ORIGINAL STORY: It never ceases to amaze me what people can unearth when digging around online. Given how often players are left hanging for new content in Bungie’s Destiny, it’s hardly surprising that its fanbase frequently goes looking for answers in regards to what’s coming next. Sadly, the discovery today of an unused cinematic by Twitter user Fuzzle (via Game Rant) doesn’t appear to provide any such answers, but it’s nonetheless quite interesting.

Coming in at just over 30 seconds long, the footage (above) is part of a demo reel created by the California-based production company Prologue and features a member of the Vex race undergoing some sort of surreal procedure. Given the mysterious origins of the machines, this particular Vex Goblin, as they’re so called, could well be providing a glimpse of how they came into being. Destiny‘s extensive range of ‘Grimoire Cards,’ which detail the history of the shooter’s universe, have always been rather coy with detailing exactly where the one-eyed bots come from, but perhaps there’s a hint to be gleaned from the video?

Of course, as Bungie ultimately decided not to use the reel, any clues it provides may well be useless, as the developer could have decided to rewrite the Vex’s origin story entirely. That wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility, considering the title’s troubled development cycle which saw its story re-written almost entirely from the ground up.

Following the release of Destiny‘s House of Wolves and The Dark Below add-ons, the Vex have taken a back seat in the wider series’ lore, with subsequent expansions The Taken King and Rise of Iron preferring instead to focus on the other alien races. Perhaps we could see them take a more central role in Destiny 2? We’ll find out later this year when the sequel releases on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Game Rant