Still Unsure About Batman: Arkham Origins? Perhaps 17 Minutes Of Gameplay Will Change Your Mind

batman arkham origins box art

With all the praise that was heaped upon Batman: Arkham City, it seems that Batman: Arkham Origins may be slipping under the radar just a little bit. Whether that has to do with the impending launch of next-gen consoles or the switch of developers here, I do not know. Regardless, in order to build up hype for the title’s impending release, Warner Bros. is letting gamers get an early look at one of the game’s missions.

Narrated by WB Games Montreal producer Ben Mattis and director Michael McIntire, this 17 minute video allows gamers to get a full fledged look at one of the many missions to be found in Batman: Arkham Origins. Since it does cover a story mission, there is a slight spoiler warning here. It’s nothing too big, but for those who wish to experience everything firsthand, perhaps it would be best to avoid watching.

Personally, I don’t need to be swayed by WB, as I am fully aboard the Arkham hype train, even with the change of developers. For those that are still worried and don’t have time to watch the video, let me just say that the game looks very similar to the other Arkham games, for better or worse. I’m still looking forward to getting back into the crime infested city and mauling every crook I find, but I certainly understand the reluctance some may have about the title.

Batman: Arkham Origins releases this Friday for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC. We will be sure to have a review of the highly anticipated release in the days to come.

Are you excited for the continuing adventures of The Dark Knight? Did this video help sway your opinion at all? Let us know in the comment section below.