Until Dawn 20-Minute Gameplay Clip Highlights Importance Of Player Agency


It was the wise mind of Isaac Newton that stated every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and it’s a fundamental rule that Supermassive Games will adhere to for its upcoming PS4 horror title Until Dawn.

Acting as one of the biggest exclusives releasing on Sony’s console in the coming months that we know of, horror fans are keeping one eye trained on Supermassive’s overhauled experience with cautious optimism. In order to provide would-be adventurers with an early glimpse of the gameplay, PlayStation Access has uploaded an extensive, 20-minute gameplay clip that showcases exactly what we can expect in a few months’ time.

Beyond the overly simplistic gameplay, the visuals and character animations in particular are remarkable, with the likes of Hayden Panettiere, Nichole Bloom and Rami Malek lending their likeness for the new IP. As the title suggests, Until Dawn will force players to call upon their wits and will to outrun a psychopath hellbent on slaughtering the entire cast of characters. Because teenagers seeking for some respite at a cabin in the woods just cannot catch a break.

There are several instances in the footage above where the importance of player choice comes to the fore, and it’s understood your knee-jerk reactions will have serious ramifications for the fate of your friends, circling back to Newton’s all-important Third Law.

Expect horror tropes aplenty when Until Dawn debuts exclusively for PlayStation 4 on August 25. In all likelihood, Sony will stage another showcase for Supermassive’s Cabin in the Woods-styled title at E3 on June 15, and we’ll have all the coverage for you right here.