Upcoming Apex Legends Event Will Introduce A Long-Awaited New Feature


Apex Legends is drawing in new and returning players in a streak of renewed success that shows no signs of tapering off. It’s an incredible turnaround for the battle royale that, just a few months ago, appeared to be in danger of being dumped in an early grave. Much, if not all of that fortune reversal can be attributed to the arrival earlier this month of Season 2. In stark contrast to its predecessor, Battle Charge introduced a generous care package filled to the brim with desirable cosmetics, retuned progression systems and fundamental changes to its sole playspace, Kings Canyon.

A glorious comeback, no doubt, but as is always the case for ever-evolving live services such as this, there’s room for improvement. With cheating and game-breaking bugs still regularly recurring issues, Apex Legends is far from perfect. This is the closest Respawn has come yet to making it so, however, and besides renewed efforts to tackle those aforementioned issues, even more content is just over the horizon.

As per publisher EA’s latest earnings call, company CEO Andrew Wilson let slip a few tantalizing details for what fans can expect to see in the near future. Among the teasers is confirmation of a new event scheduled to arrive in the coming weeks, alongside what, Wilson says, is one of the “most fan-requested features” since launch.

See below for the full statement:

In each season, there are in-game events that are additional drivers of engagement such as the event coming in the next few weeks that will bring new content and deliver one of the most fan-requested features since the launch of Apex. There will be more updates and in-game experiences in the weeks to come for Season 2, and Season 3 is shaping up to be even bigger.

What is this so-called feature going to be, you ask? I’ve not a clue, though two frontrunners immediately come to mind. One of those, of course, is the addition of Titanfall 2‘s titular pilotable mechs. In light of recent comments provided by Respawn, that reality seems incredibly unlikely, which leaves just one other. The ability to queue into a match of Apex Legends solo, rather than as part of a three-person team is a feature that’s literally been requested since day one. As such, the developer would certainly win some serious Brownie points were that the case.

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