Update 0.5.1 Inbound For World Of Warships This week


World Of Warships gets its first big content update this week, according to Wargaming. Two new maps, a new game mode and a bunch of tweaks are headed our way.

You can watch the video above to get an idea of all the new stuff coming with the substantial patch – including various tweaks to existing maps and balancing adjustments – or see below to get the hard details on the brand new content coming with patch 0.5.1.

New Maps:

Northern Lights, a re-imagining of a once-familiar locale, doused in darkness and the spectacle of the Aurora Borealis.
Land of Fire, inspired by South America.

The Trap, which is modelled on the fierce battles between U.S. and Japanese fleets, complete with an active volcano.

New Game Mode – Zone:

Pits opposing teams in contention of one giant base in the middle of a map. However, this base only becomes available for capture two minutes into the battle. With Zone, players will have to re-evaluate their old tactics and techniques, trading off the vulnerability of open waters for glory.

After several months in beta, World Of Warships officially released for PC on September 17 as an alternative for those who prefer to do battle over water as opposed to land. Unlike World Of Tanks, Wargaming seemingly has no current plans to release their newest war sim on consoles, but never say never.