An Update To Street Fighter V’s Beta Client Has Revealed New Alternate Costumes


As is always the case with PC games, various files have been unearthed from Street Fighter V‘s code that reveal loads of new alternate character costumes for essentially every fighter. You can watch the video above posted by YouTube user rKappasvoice to view the majority of them, but Street Fighter fan site also has images showing them off in all their glory.

The wardrobe’s worth of new threads will undoubtedly raise questions among fans as to whether Capcom are up to their old tricks of selling on-disc DLC, but let’s not jump the gun just yet. After all, we can’t see the developer risking such a move again after what happened with Street Fighter X Tekken.

No, the more likely scenario is that these are either unused assets buried in the game’s code, or will be unlockable with Street Fighter V‘s in-game currency called Fight Money, which is accumulated through play.

M. Bison wearing a red, Ryu-like combat Gi, Laura in the shortest shorts you’ve ever seen and Necalli in an Aztec-themed get up with fluorescent green hair are the sorts of costumes that have been dug up, but we’ll just have to see which ones make it into the final version of the game.

Street Fighter V releases on February 16 for PlayStation 4 and PC. Sorry, Xbox One owners, Capcom says Microsoft’s console won’t ever be getting the beat ’em up.

Source: Destructoid

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