How Valiant Hearts: The Great War Shows Us That The Video Game Industry Is Changing

The only game from Ubisoft that bears some semblance to Valiant Hearts is, of course, the JRP-inspired Child Of Light. These two titles are setting a precedent inside Ubisoft already, and the fact that the company thinks Valiant Hearts is worthy of showcasing during E3 says something even more powerful.

Games like these are actively being encouraged inside the studio, and that’s something that other developers seem to already be taking note of. It’s a quick and interesting process that sets your game apart from the rest in a way that most triple-A developed games can’t even imagine to achieve.

This is an approach that gives small groups of creators the possibility to experiment beyond what we normally see in gaming, something which we desperately need. Smaller projects that have bigger impacts than most people would like to admit, whether it’s a heartfelt game like this, or even a simple game-changer in the form of new, exciting or strange gameplay, such as what we saw within Child of Light.

It’s a form of game development that is catching up to the biggest names in the industry, where “art” is no longer something that can’t be mixed in with entertainment. Child of Light, on its own, managed to bring this point across, but Valiant Hearts: The Great War is the title that may be able to seal the deal for developers around the industry.