Vergil, DmC Has Changed You

Remember a few days ago when I said an impressive gameplay trailer for the upcoming DmC had sold me on the game, despite the reboot bearing little resemblance to the Devil May Cry series? Well, this trailer might have changed my mind back.

Releasing out of Gamescom, the new DmC trailer focuses on Dante’s brother, Vergil. Now, in the original Devil May Cry canon, Dante and Vergil were sons of Sparda, a powerful demon. The two brothers had a fierce rivalry, which was the entire focus of Devil May Cry 3, the prequel to the entire series.

I have absolutely no idea what their relationship is like in DmC, although it seems they’re much less intent on trying to kill each other here.

It looks like Vergil retains his white hair and signature Yamato sword, but bears almost no other similarities. Other than the color blue. Never really understood that fascination.

Check it out below.

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.

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