Veteran Character Eyedol Resurrected For Killer Instinct Season 3


Eyedol, last seen as the final boss of the original 1994 Killer Instinct game, will make his triumphant return to the series later this week, developer Iron Galaxy has confirmed. The final entry in the beat ’em up’s third season, Eyedol is resurrected by Kan-Ra in an attempt to control his rage and direct it at his enemies, but the plan backfires – this two-headed demon takes orders from nobody.

Having undergone a drastic redesign in the years since his previous appearance, Eyedol now only has one noggin, but it’s split in two in reference to the two-headed cyclops design of the original incarnation. Judging by the reveal trailer (above), the gargantuan fighter can switch between two different stances that have their own unique attacks and move sets.

Oh, and did we mention that he’s huge? We can’t quite tell from the footage if he’s bigger than current monolith Aganos, but there doesn’t appear to much in it. Not that it matters – Eyedol will be pounding you into a fine red mush before you even have a chance to whip a tape measure out.

Killer Instinct Season 3’s final roster entry will release for Ultra Edition owners on July 22 and a week later for everyone else.