VGX 2014 Date Teased By Geoff Keighley


With just under two months to go until the annual VGX — previously known as the Spike Video Game Awards — long-time host Geoff Keighley has published an ambiguous Tweet that seems to confirm the date for 2014’s event in California.

The message simply reads “Games Will Rise” followed by the date of December 5th, 2014. Given that last year’s event took place on December 7th, it seems safe to assume that Keighley is indeed referring to the awards show.

And while last year’s event — one which Spike presented to emphasis a more “intimate, studio setting” — was widely criticised across all four corners of the gaming community, this year’s show may still serve up a few surprises.

After all, VGX 2013 provided reveals of Tales from the Borderlands, Game of Thrones, Tomb Raider: The Definitive Edition and Hello Games’ ambitious sci-fi opus, No Man’s Sky. And with Sony’s nebulous “PlayStation Experience” due to take place the following day, December 6th, in Las Vegas, the gaming community can at least look forward to a competent preview of 2015 to tide them through the holiday season.

We expect to learn much more about VGX 2014 in the days and weeks to come, including who will step into Joel McHale’s shoes and host.

In the meantime, though, tell us, what gaming-related reveals would you like to see come December?