2010 Video Game Awards Recap

Spike’s VGAs revealed quite a bit about the incoming wave of great games set to land in 2011, It’s looking like a bright future for gaming. If you didn’t get a chance to watch the awards show, here’s a recap of the honors given.

Game of the Year: Red Dead Redemption

Studio of the Year: BioWare

Best Xbox 360 Game: Mass Effect 2

Best PS3 Game: God of War III

Best Wii Game: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Best PC Game: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

Best Hand held Game: God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Best Shooter: Call of Duty: Black Ops

Best Action-Adventure Game: Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Best RPG: Mass Effect 2

Best Multiplayer: Halo: Reach

Best Individual Sports Game: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

Best Team Sports Game: NBA 2K11

Best Driving Game: Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

Best Music Game: Rock Band 3

Best Soundtrack: DJ Hero 2

Best Song In A Game: Far Away by José González(Red Dead Redemption)

Best Original Score: Red Dead Redemption

Best Graphics: God of War III

Best Adapted Video Game: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game

Best Performance By A Human Male: Neil Patrick Harris as Peter Parker / Amazing Spider-Man

Best Performance By A Human Female: Tricia Helfer as Sarah Kerrigan

Best Downloadable Game: Costume Quest

Best DLC: Red Dead Redemption – Undead Nightmare

Best Independent Game: Limbo

Most Anticipated Game: Portal 2

To think, I criticized the Inside Gaming Awards for over praising Red Dead Redemption, perhaps I should have just bitten my tongue.

If you missed any of the exciting trailers from the VGAs, check them out here.

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  1. Armensays:

    The VGA is the definition of retarded. You have douchbag actors presenting videogames, I’m sorry but I don’t even think Danny Devito has any fucking idea what a videogame is. Imagine if the Oscars were hosted by videogame developers what sense would that make? Fuck Spike TV and fuck the VGA’s, the results are flawed anyways because you had to go onto the Spike website and vote for the winners there and honestly who did that? Some fucking kid who beats off to Black Ops? Come on you know that true videogame fans don’t give a shit about these award shows and the only reason to watch them is to see the new games being announced. Too bad the people announcing them do such a bad job that you’re sitting in your living room praying that they get decapitated before they say another word. In conclusion the VGA was a big waste of time and just another marketing tool used by corporate (I’m not clever enough to think of a better insult)to push advertising on people and promote joining the US army. Fuck what a disgrace to videogames.

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