Vin Diesel Confirms New Riddick Video Game Project

Riddick Concept Art

Those who have been pining for another Riddick game will be overjoyed to hear that a third title is in the works. The news, which was reported today on MCV UK, was, in fact, confirmed by Vin Diesel himself.

Perhaps the best part of all of this is the fact that Diesel’s video game company, Tigon Studios, has worked hard to re-assemble the team that brought us 2004’s beloved Escape From Butcher Bay. That means there’s a lot of pedigree and experience behind the project.

“My diehard gamers want Tigon to deliver the third chapter in the Riddick game. And we just of the past couple of months, just this year, reassembled that team from Starbreeze that brought Escape from Butcher Bay to create the third game.”

A fan of video games, Vin Diesel formed Tigon Studios over a decade ago. Since then, the company has been responsible for assisting with the Riddick games, as well as bringing its founder to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in 2009’s middling Wheelman.

We’ll keep you updated as production on the latest Riddick game continues. However, like you surely are, we’re just happy to have heard that a new title is in the works. Escape From Butcher Bay was a very good game, and its follow-up, Assault on Dark Athena, also provided for an enjoyable experience. Here’s hoping to another awesome entry for the franchise!