Take A Virtual Trip To the Magic Kingdom With Disneyland Adventures

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to help your kids relive a past trip to Disneyland? If you own a Kinect and an XBOX 360, you’ll be able to do just that with this morning’s announcement of Disneyland Adventures. A motion-controlled game that features a painstakingly recreated version of the popular theme park, character-themed mini-games and tons of Disney mascots to interact with. It’ll be just like visiting the park – or at least, close to it. Especially since kids can make their own souvenirs using the Kinect Share website.

At their E3 press conference this morning, Microsoft used their smarts by having kids come up on stage to demo the new family friendly title. They used their bodies to move around in a couple of different games, such as a Peter Pan flight game and an Alice in Wonderland race through the Queen of Hearts’ courtyard (using hamster ball contraptions.)

Plan a virtual trip back to the Magic Kingdom this holiday season. Your kids are sure to love it.

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