Visceral Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Shows Off Revamped Gameplay


Today’s PlayStation Experience keynote brought with it our first look at the Final Fantasy VII Remake in action, and it’s a beauty to behold.

This new trailer for the much-anticipated and long-awaited Remake is somewhat brief, clocking in at just two minutes in length, but it’s long enough for your jaw to get tired of being on the floor. Featuring beautiful-looking cutscene footage with some visceral gameplay footage sandwiched in-between, it’s an epic tease that has fans pleading for more.

Apart from the updated and much more realistic-looking visuals and voiced dialogue, what you’ll notice most is the new camera system that has been put into place. Adopting a behind-the-shoulder vantage point, the third-person camera is in-line with some of the more modern Final Fantasy games, and makes the gameplay feel more intimate as a result.

Truthfully, it also makes things feel more like a traditional action game, with Cloud squeezing between environmental objects like Lara Croft would, but the game’s dynamic battle system proves otherwise.

We don’t have a release date for the Final Fantasy VII Remake as of yet, but we have been informed that the PC port of the PS1 classic is now available for download on PS4.