Visceral Games Are Bringing Competitive Matches To All In Battlefield Hardline



Despite the upcoming Getaway DLC package, Battlefield Hardline is bringing something new to the table to all of its players later this month. Visceral Games are making the Competitive Match mode available to owners of the game whether they decide to purchase the new DLC expansion or not.

This new competitive mode will feature 5v5 conflicts, but they will be skill-based and matched accordingly. The announcement explains the mechanic as follows:

It opens up the ability to compete in skill-based 5v5 matches, with regularly refreshed seasons, leaderboards, and winners. In Competitive Match, play is organized into two to three week-long seasons; each season features a themed map/mode rotation created by Visceral. You can play solo or with a squad (console only), and you will be matched against players of similar skill. Do well, and your Skill Rating will go up. Do poorly, and… yeah, it’ll go down.

It seems that each players skill rating will be reassessed after each match, and your ranking between Cadet and Elite Gold Captain will be adjusted accordingly. Visceral also tease that player rankings will be visible and that the number one player will be “celebrated”, though no other update is given as to exactly what this means.

Battlefield Hardline‘s Competitive Match mode is expected to debut later this month, with the Getaway expansion set to be released around the same time.

Source: Gamespot

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